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Property Awards 2021

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Construction - Consulting
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We use the most modern technically and technologically available and having continuous cooperation with selected external partners in all areas.

Properties for sale

Search for the property you want and get all the information you need easily and quickly. We are always at your disposal for any clarification and help you need.


Speed, consistency, professionalism & confidence

Save time and money. GCons can take over from finding your plot to building your choice.

  • Issuance of Building Permits
  • Partial or complete reconstruction of a building
  • Real Estate Surveying
  • Real Estate Compensation
  • Building Repairs
  • Expertise
  • Complete solutions of electromechanical applications
  • Mild energy applications
  • Real estate
  • Real Estate Appraisal & Expertise
  • Promotion & Promotion of Real Estate

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Awards & Distinctions

Hard work and professionalism are sometimes recognized. Our award at the Property Awards 2021 (Regional Project of the Year Commercial & Silver Award) honors us and fills us with optimism to continue more vigorously in 2022

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